Mayan Astrology

How to calculate your Mayan Day Sign

Manual Calculation Abacus
Tzolkin Explorer  Website Tutorial

To calculate your Mayan birth sign, you must find the correspondence between the Gregorian calendar and the TZOLK'IN cycles. It could be calculated in several ways:

  1. -by consulting the Gregorian & Mayan Calendars Tables of this website,

  2. -by Consulting the tables at the end of the book How to practice Mayan Astrology” by Bruce Scofield and Barry C. Orr ( from 31 December 1919 to December 31, 2020),

  3. -by manual calculation with mayan kiche astrology birthday converter abacus (from March 1, 1900 to December 31, 2016),

  4. -or by using an automatic converter, for example the Tzolk’in Explorer website one (the best I know). 

The manual calculation abacus and the Tzolk’in Explorer website tutorial are explained in this page.

About the gregorian birth date

But first of all, a few words about the right birth date to be considered for this calculation, whatever the method used. Some confusion occurs about knowing when we change from one day glyph to another, In other words, when the date changes in the mayan point of view :

  1. -Is it at midnight, as in our astrological tradition?

  2. -Is it at sunrise as Kenneth Johnson believes in his book Wisdom Jaguar?

  3. -Is it at midnight, but taking into account the time zone (Central America  Time Zone is UTC - 6 hours) as suggested by Carl Calleman?

So your mayan birthdate could actually be the eve of your official birthdate.

From a pragmatic point of view, The question really arises (for those born in Western Europe) only if you were born between midnight and 7-8 am. If so, the easiest way to make your mind is to look at the Mayan birth sign of your  official birth date and the eve of it and "feel" the one that suits you most.

My personal experience is that people born in western europe after midnight and before sunrise are closer to the mayan day sign of the day before their official birth date.

Manual calculation with the abacus

The abacus reproduced below are from the mayan kiche astrology birthday converter.

HOME PAGE (Birthdate):

Enter here your birth date (the official one or the day before if the adjustement is needed (see “about the gregorian birth date”).


This page gives you the main elements of your mayan birth sign:

The mayan “number” (tone)

The Day Glyph (Daysign)

The trecena of your birth (Trecena)

The night lord (Night Lord)

You have too :

Your “Burner Days” are days during which you evacuate the excess energy (you have one day per direction),

The pattern of relationships between the 4 directions (the same for everyone)

And the TZOLK’IN representation in the Unials form. This representation integrate portals and core days that are not part of the Mayan tradition.

Your mayan birth sign in lined in red.


On this page, the TZOLK’IN est linked with the gregorian calendar :

You can navigate from month to month.

       The “Burner days” are indicated

       with a blue flame.

       The Portals are indicated

       with a kind of star

        The Core days are indicated

        with a kind of spiral

In the example at the right, May 2010 contains one Burner Day et 4 portals.

The date of tue current day is marked in red (in this cas May 11th).


On this page you will have explanations on the elements of your birth sign, either :

The mayan “number” (tone)

The Day Glyph (Daysign)

The trecena of your birth (Trecena)

The Night Lord (Night Lord)

Note in particular at the end of the Daysign text the subsections "Challenge" and "Solution". They often turn out quite right.

IPHONE APP (Download):

The website is available in Iphone App. Click on “Download Now” to go on the application download page.

Tzolk’in Explorer website tutorial


Find your birth year and note the number in bold, which is below the year.

(for example : 147 for the year 1900).

Attention ! If you were born in january or february, you need to take into account the previous year.

(for instance, if you were born in january or february 1913,You need to take into account the year 1912 instead of 1913).


Find your day and month of birth and note the number, which is located at the intersection of the day rows and the month columns.

(for example : 61 for may 1st).


Add the 2 numbers.

(for instance,  if you were born may 6, 1976, you have the numbers 86 for the year and 5 for the day/month for a total of 86+5 = 91).

Attention ! If the total exceeds 260, subtract 260.

(for example, if you were born september 20 1961, you have the numbers 67 for the year and 203 for the day/month, for a total of 67+203 = 270. 270 exceeds 260 so you need to subtract 260 for a total of 270-260 = 10).


Find the number in bold corresponding to the total of the addition.

The row give you the day glyph of you birth date and the number above the total give you the  mayan “number” of your birth date.

Your mayan day sign is the combination of the mayan “number” and the  mayan day glyph.

(for example : if you were born march 6, 1976, you get a total of  91 which give you a mayan day sign of 7-IMIX).

(another exemple : if you were born september 20, 1961, you get a total of  10 which give you a mayan day sign of 4-AHAU).