Guatemala (Peten),  Période Pré Classique
Découvert en 1926, étudié à partir de 1962

Coordonnées : 17° 45′ 18″ N 89° 55′ 14″ W

Le site tel qu’il devait être à l’époque maya

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The Mirador Basin exists as one of Central America’s greatest treasures. This culturally and biologically rich area is located in the northern-most region of the Peten (Guatemala) and southern Campeche (Mexico), in the heart of the Maya Biosphere Reserve. Covering nearly 810,000 acres on the Guatemalan side, the Mirador Basin offers extensive habitat to a rich diversity of flora and fauna, including several World Conservation Union (IUCN) identified endangered species. In addition to a striking biological diversity, the Mirador Basin is marked by the earliest and largest Preclassic Maya cities known in Mesoamerica. These cities are filled with massive constructions including pyramids, temples, palaces, causeways, and other remnants of a highly evolved and complex society.

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2nda visita a mis sitio Maya explorado #49, El Petén, Guatemala, Marzo, 22-24, 2010.

Documentaire de National Geographic


If you want to see the biggest pyramid of the ancient world, you’re going to need to visit El Mirador. The biggest, baddest, temple at Tikal looks like a little baby next to La Danta Pyramid at El Mirador. And, the pyramid of Cheop’s in Egypt, one of the 7 Wonders of the World, not even up to size and height of La Danta at El Mirador. Here’s some imagery that tells that story…

El Mirador is Bigger than the Pyramids of Egypt

Entire Tikal Complex fits inside one Pyramid at El Mirador


Spécificités du site

Les noms maya du site et de ses monuments sont inconnus. El Mirador signifie en espagnol «le Poste d’observation»

El Mirador est le site archéologique recélant la plus haute pyramide au monde : La Danta (le Tapir) 170 mètres de hauteur, environ 25 mètres de plus que la pyramide de Khéops, plus de trois fois plus haut que le temple du jaguar à Tikal (Temple I).